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Bullard's Auction is a full-service auction company based in South Carolina. We offer personalized service and specialized auctions to meet our clients' needs. We believe that auctions provide options and advantages that other sales methods lack.

Why sell at Auction?

Auctions provide a quick way to liquidate assets and put an end to the high costs of holding a particular piece of property. Taxes, insurance, and maintenance are seldom considered by the property holder who is "holding out" for the highest price. When and if they ever get this optimum price, the holding costs often reduce or eliminate whatever profit they hoped for.

The valuation process of a property is drastically different for auctions when compared with traditional sales methods. Traditionally, a price is set, and that price gets bargained down. At auction, there is a starting price which is then bargained up until the market price is reached amongst the buyers present on auction day. Would you rather go UP or DOWN?

Auctions create a "buy-it-now" urgency to motivate buyers. Buyers know that when a property they want is listed for auction, the property will sell on auction day. For this reason auctions are not last resorts but are actually a "tool of first choice" for sophisticated sellers.

Is an auction right for you?

Are you motivated to sell?

Do you want to get the best price in the shortest time?

Do you want to maximize profits by cutting holding costs short?

Are you working against a deadline?


If you answered YES, not only is an auction right for you, but Bullard's Auction is right for you.

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